Karaval Milan, Dubai an association of the parishioners of Kallianpur & Kundapur Varado residing in The United Arab Emirates. The Association has the proud distinction of representing nearly 18 parishes of both the varados under the banner Karaval Milan.

Karaval Milan is a dream child of Mr. Charles Mascarenhas, Who is residing in Dubai since many years. Mr. Charles is a person of humble character. He always used to help those who are in trouble and in need in U.A.E as well as in native. Keeping a Long vision and stretching his hands wide to reach and help more and more people those are in difficulties, he was sure that it is not a task of a single individual. This persuaded him to form an association. So with the help of his few friends he has started an association called St. Anthony’s Konkani prayer group of Kallianpur varado on February 2 in the Year 2000. Later the people of Kundapur Varado also joined this organization. Accordingly both the varados clubbed together and the name has been changed to “Karaval Milan”.

In today’s world of Konkani art and culture, Dubai can be rightly called a “Mini – Mangalore” with the great number of Konkani programs, that have been taking place since the last decade. Day by day more and more parochial associations have been mushrooming which only shows proof that people of Mangalore want to preserve their culture, their tradition and be in tune of the activities taking place back home. It also helps to keep alive the festive spirit by getting together as one family to celebrate “New Harvest Feast “or “Monthi Feast” with traditional noven jevnchem, Vodlen Feast, X’mass, New Year Etc…

These associations are instrumental in not only trying to understanding the problems and trials faced by their members and contemporaries but to also find a solution to solve the same. It gives a good opportunity for those blessed with a philanthropic and generous heart to donate to good causes and thus earn the repute and goodwill of being leaders of the community.

In life, three things are vital to every human – Society, Religion and Culture. If the foundation of a Society is strong, the religion will automatically gain the momentum thus resulting in a culture of high caliber. With this view in mind, the leaders of the Kundapur – Kallianpur Varado who came across the seas to the sandy shores of Dubai in search of greener pastures like Charles Mascarenhas and his dedicated team of friends, gathered under a single umbrella called karaval Milan.

Five years of hard work, of dedicated service and relentless efforts to help the community has borne fruit and today it can be rightly said that “Karaval Milan” is one of the yeoman associations that has helped and is helping people in need. They are moving forward in the right direction, keeping in mind the spiritual aspect and values of Christianity as well as the traditional Mangalorean culture.

Listed below are some of the achievements of karaval Milan during the last 5 years:

  • Successfully organized 3 Cultural Programs & 5 get together.
  • Exhibited their versatile talents in the cultural program organized by the St. Mary’s Konkani Community Dubai during the visit of Bishop of Mangalore.
  • Extended their help to those who are in trouble, in need and poor people in Gulf as well as in native.
  • Helped the poor students for their Education in native.
  • Extended financial support to “Kalangan” in Mangalore
  • Participated in the drama competition organized by “Daiji Dubai” (Forum of Konkani writers in U.A.E) and achieved individual prizes.
  • Won the Volleyball championship in the tournament organized by “Kanajar Welfare Association”, Dubai
  • Donated a substantial amount to the college building of St. Mary’s Junior College, Kundapur
  • Financial help to the new church building of Moodubelle.
  • Participated in the cultural program organized by Indian consulate on the occasion of Republic day.
  • Financial support to the new church building of St. Joseph’s church, Kota
  • Celebrated the family feast “Monti Fest” every year.
  • Extended the strongest support to the programs which heralding the greatness of Konkani language, culture, tradition and religion.
  • As one of the greatest achievement, in December 2004 a special issue of “Mithr” weekly has been released by us. “Karaval Milan, Dubai Special” issue in order to support the Konkani weekly on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • On the occasion of its 5th Anniversary celebration a grand cultural program called “Umale – 2005” has been organized on 1st Sept 2005 at Al Nasr Liesurland, Dubai.