Increasing Urban Temperature Could Negatively Affect Wild Bee Population

Bees have been known to be one of the most essential insects in the world as they are very essential when it comes to the maintenance of the ecosystem. They are every essential when it comes to helping the ecosystem as they play a major role in pollination hence making them very important in supporting the ecosystem. They are known in helping by making beeswax and honey, which is also important for human consumption.

Why Are Wild Bees Important?

Wild bees have been known to actually aid in the pollination of up to 80% of the earth’s plants which is almost. One single colony of wild bees may easily be able to pollinate up to 300 million flowers each day across the world. The pollination by the wild bees then is able to help in providing nourishing habits for most animals like some insects and birds as well. In addition, they help in creating a beautiful floral nature for the lovers of nature.

Nevertheless, as far as human food is concerned, most of them actually depend on the bees to be able to flower and produce fruits such as most fruits, nuts and vegetables i.e. almonds, avocados, cherries, apples, kiwis, cucumbers among many others as they are very dependent on bee pollination in order to actually give of an offspring. In addition, bees have been known to make honey which has helped in various ways even in the field of medicine as to have some medicinal value to itself. Hence, one may easily be able to get honey from the bees even just for applying on their toast or for eating purposes or even cooking. No bees means no honey for the human population.

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How Exactly Has an Increase in Urban Temperature Negatively Affected the Wild Bee Population?

Urban warming is basically whereby an urban area is able to become significantly warmer as compared to the surrounding rural areas due to various human activities the main cause of the urban heating is normally a change of land surfaces through various things such as deforestation, over population, construction among many others. These have actually brought about many issues for many wild bees as they have been unable to find a natural home setting which they can easily exist without being disturbed. Waste heat produced by energy usage is normally just a secondary contributor to the problem.

As much as one may think that just the use of pesticides and diseases has been the issue with regard to the decreased population of wild bees, then they need to know that urban heating has also played a major role in decreasing the number of wild bees’ population.

As the areas experiencing an increase in urban temperature continue spiking, bees may end up actually dying of as they normally require plants to feed on their nectar to help them during the hibernation period. In the vent that they are unable to access the nectar, then that may prove to be a life threatening effect on them which is very dangerous.

Nevertheless, increased urban temperatures may also influence the spread of desertification in various regions which may then lead to the lack of plants in the area. This then is able to limit the bees on where they will find their food as they need plants to survive and plants also need them to survive. Humans also need the plants to survive as well. In general the whole Eco system is in need of plants to help them in surviving and sustaining each other. Nonetheless, not all wild bee species are known to actually be able to survive some conditions that may end up coming about. Some have actually been forced to migrate to other areas in order for them to maintain their existence. Increase urban temperature does not necessarily favor all types of bees as some may end up suffering more than others. A migration of bees then means that the number of pollinators in the region will end up reducing as bees are normally the main source for pollination. This may then lead to a series of events that may happen to farmers and the prices of food in general.

In addition, an increase in temperature in the urban region has also affected the weather patterns which are a big influence on how the bees will be able to hibernate. For some wild bees, being under stress twice might need up making them get extinct or even die off. This is because bees normally have a time which they go into hibernation. In the event that the queen bees comes out of hibernation and there is no enough nectar for her to feed on and sustain the hive, then the hive might end up dying off and this may affect the pollination of a region a lot and also the produce. Hence, one needs to understand that bees are every essential

How to Keep the Wild Bees from Going the Effects of Rise in Urban Temperature

  • First and foremost, tress need to be planted in order to avoid the spread of desertification in most urban areas as this is none of the reason that is leading to the rise of temperatures in most urban areas.
  •  Human need to reduce the use of pesticides used on agricultural produce as this ends up affecting the pollinators a lot.
  • Need to deal with foreign pests and diseases which may end up crippling the wild bees’ population in the urban region
  •  Need to invest in a habitat where the bees may easily exist without any interference and also this will inhibit migration due to the change in temperatures
  • The need to look at better ways to construct and design urban centers in a way that they will be sustainable for both man and bees
  •  In conclusion, bees have proven to be a very essential part of the Eco system and one needs to help in making user that they are taken care of.

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